Manage IoT Sensor Network with ISTSOS (Open Source)

IstSOS is Free and Open Source Sensor Observation Service Data Management System (OGC SOS server implementation) written in Python. istSOS allows for managing and dispatch observations from monitoring sensors according to the Sensor Observation Service standard. It provides a Graphical user Interface that allows for easing the daily operations and a RESTFull Web api for automatizing administration procedures. istSOS is released under the GPL License, and runs on all major platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), even though it has been used in production in linux environment only.

Main Features

  • Offer your data according to the Sensor Observation Service standard from Open Geospatial Consortium.
  • Administer your sensors and your data with a comfortable interface.
  • Use a complete API for accessing functionalities to makes it easy for new clients to use istSOS application.
  • Get notified trough mail, twitter or other social when your sensor data met specific conditions.

How to Install (On Ubuntu 18.04)

Installation on Linux with the Debian package

The easiest way to install istSOS on a Debian distribution is to use the istSOS deb packages.

Download the debian file from the repository

Please go to to get the latest release.

Install the debian file

Open a terminal and move to the folder containing the downloaded deb file.

sudo dpkg -i python3-istsos_2.4.0-RC4.deb;sudo apt-get -f -y install

This command will install all the required dependencies, with the exception of PostgreSQL and PostGIS. In fact it could reside on other servers.

If everything has gone well, you should see the administration page at this address: http://localhost/istsos/admin/